Monkey’s Fist IPA

Core Production Brew

Monkey’s Fist IPA


Slow Boat’s first IPA was originally named Monkey’s Fist Mango IPA for its plentiful additions of Citra hops that resulted in a strong passion fruit and mango aroma. This blood orange colored brew boasts pine and mango on the nose due to copious amounts of Citra hops, and combines five different types of malts to give it a sweeter flavor. It’s a medium bodied brew with notes of orange peel and a fresh grainy maltiness throughout, finishing off with a smooth resinous bitterness. This beer is continuously hopped to bring out extra flavor from the hops, and later dry hopped to produce the fruity nose.

Availability: Core Production Brew

Vital Statistics

ABV:  5.75%
IBU: 45
SRM: 12