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New Beers on Tap

New Beers on Tap


Stop by the Taproom and try 4 of our latest brews.

Back Bacon Buccaneer
(ABV 7.7%, IBU 20, SRM 8)
Hops: Chinook and Mount Hood and Wilamet
Malts: New Zealand base malt, German Crystal malt

A medium bodied, full flavored ale that tastes like summer BBQs and grandma’s pancake breakfast all in one. This beer is a refreshing, total-package sensory experience that manages to balance warm smoky bacon notes with a perfectly delicate maple finish. Ideal for the beer lover looking for a taste of home.

Juniperus Pale Ale
(ABV 7.2%, IBU 28, SRM 12)
Hops: Chinook and Wilamet
Malts: New Zealand malt and Crystal Malt

This gloriously big-bodied amber ale is brewed with juniper berries for a touch of bitterness and a refreshing floral aroma. Perfect for the botanist beer drinker and Pale Ale lover alike. This beer is guaranteed to invoke a powerful “Kum ba yah” of the senses, balancing acidic pine notes with a lightly sweet crystal malt finish.

Bourbon Double Chocolate Porter
(ABV 6.5%, IBU 25, SRM 40)
Hops: Chinnook, Wilamet
Malts: New Zealand, chocolate malt (lightly roasted)

Specialty roasted chocolate malts and rich dark chocolate nibs give this porter a double hit of cacao goodness. Bourbon flavor add a bit of oaky spice to round out the chocolate bitterness. This is dark and particularly smooth.

Pomegranate Wheat
(ABV 6.0%, IBU 20, SRM 8)
Hops: Chinook, Mount Hood
Malts: New Zealand Base, Wheat, Crystal Malt

Based on the American style of wheat beer. Pomegranate is subtle on the nose and balances out distinct wheat flavors without being overly sweet. A rich creamy finish rounds this beer out, and with a little more alcohol than usual for the style.

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